August 17, 2022

The Role of Regulatory Affairs in the Clinical and Performance Evaluation Process: Key Strategies to Support Project Success 

Author: Criterion Edge Writers

Regulatory Affairs (RA) professionals are poised to play a key role in supporting the clinical or performance evaluation report (CER or PER) process. Regulatory Affairs is active throughout the entire process, from pre-project planning through scoping and kick-off, report writing, review and sign-off, and finally, submission to the notified body.

How Can Regulatory Affairs Assist in the Clinical and Performance Evaluation Report Process?

The CER and PER are highly complex reports—not just because of the large amount of data they contain, but because they must tell a complex story. Putting all the evidence together for a successful submission is a difficult task, but RA is strategically positioned to provide critically important support and guidance to the evaluation writing team.

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June 7, 2022

Advertising & Promotion: A Case for Early Involvement in the Clinical Evaluation Process  

Author: Criterion Edge Writers

Regulatory advertising and promotion (A&P) professionals bring a unique set of skills to their role. While they typically work within a multidisciplinary group of medical, legal, and commercial experts who review device promotional content, A&P professionals have considerable knowledge of European Union (EU) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations that can additionally benefit product development in areas outside of the promotional review process.  

MDR and IVDR Updates: What Do They Mean for Manufacturers? 

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March 28, 2022

[FREE WHITE PAPER] Measurable Objectives and Acceptance Criteria to Verify Device Safety and Performance


This white paper is a companion piece to our popular webinar where we cover strategies to verify device safety and performance in the clinical evaluation of medical and in vitro diagnostic (IVDs) devices. This white paper should help you with identifying meaningful safety and performance measures for clinical or performance evaluation and with defining acceptance criteria parameters to determine the acceptability of benefit-risk as mandated by Medical Device Regulation (MDR) 2017/745 and In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) 2017/746.

Establishing your device’s safety and performance is a critical component of the clinical evaluation process. However, how to use the state of the art section within the Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) and Performance Evaluation Report (PER) to establish the device’s safety and performance objectives and acceptance criteria can seem ambiguous.

Solution to Verify Device Safety and Performance

First, clearly understand the difference between safety and performance objectives and acceptance criteria. Then, use…

Download the rest of this white paper here.

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May 24, 2021

[FREE WEBINAR SERIES] How to Assess Your CER for MDR Readiness

In the first installment of this webinar series, Criterion Edge presents strategies for assessing key components of your CER (or CER template) for possible misalignment with significant and applicable MDR requirements. This practical presentation will help you assess your document through the critical lens of a writer and identify possible gaps for mitigation before submission to regulatory authorities.

In the second installment, we continue to present strategies for assessing key components of your CER for possible misalignment with key EU MDR requirements, examining the clinical data sources, equivalence, and risk/benefit analysis profile sections of the CER.

Finally, in the third presentation we share with you some of the biggest issues we have discovered when starting an MDR CER project based on our experiences with clients both large and small, and we also reveal some of the most successful strategies in addressing these issues, up-front and early.

Click here to watch our free webinar series to develop MDR-ready CERs.

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June 5, 2020

[FREE WEBINAR] Live Q&A Follow-Up: How to Assess Your CER for MDR Readiness, Part 1

Q&A Follow Up with Laurie

Click here to watch the recording.

We had such a large turnout at our previous webinar, How to Assess Your CER for MDR Readiness, Part 1, and left with some questions unanswered. Therefore, President Laurie Mitchell held a live Q&A to respond to questions regarding CER for MDR Readiness. In this webinar, Laurie delves deeper into some of your pressing questions like:

  • Would you recommend using clinical data from systematic reviews and meta-analyses to support the safety and performance of the subject device? 
  • Do you compare warnings and precautions as part of clinical equivalence? 
  • Can you give an example of a safety/performance objective and corresponding acceptance criteria?  

Who should watch this webinar?
Those Regulatory, Quality and Clinical leaders and regulatory writers who are tasked with the development, writing, review or approval of Clinical Evaluation Reports for EU MDR submission, or anyone interested in learning more about MDR requirements for CERs.

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[Free Webinar] Ask the Expert: Clinical Evaluation Report Critical Concepts

Join us on Wednesday October 10th, 2022 at 11AM PST / 2PM EST, as President Laurie Mitchell answers your questions regarding safety and performance objectives, clinical outcomes, clinical benefits, acceptance criteria, and risk-benefit ratio. Learn best practices and writing strategies to support solid planning during your own writing process.

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