At Criterion Edge we understand that every client and every project is unique. That’s why we don’t take a “one size fits all” approach to pricing our services. Instead, we choose to precisely fit your circumstances and needs to the most cost-efficient pricing. We do this by focusing up-front on the distinctive and comprehensive details of your project, as well as your preferences and desired outcomes. That way, we can create a custom-tailored project quote that optimizes quality, maximizes efficiency, and minimizes timelines and budgetary impact.

  • Initial Conversation
  • Identify Plan & Methodology
  • Create Statement of work

Our Pricing Process

From our first conversation, we include our specialized regulatory, medical, and scientific subject matter experts in the sales process. This allows our experts to hear from you from the beginning, and for them to collaboratively conceptualize a strategy for each of your projects.

Next, we identify a project plan and methodology that will best meet your unique budget requirements. This results in a refined and customized budget proposal, delivered to you in the form of a proposed Statement of Work (SOW). From there, we can adapt the SOW as needed to suit your timelines and budget.

Quick Price Quote

Have an urgent need for a quote? No problem! We will be sure to deliver your quote within one day.

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