[FREE WEBINAR] Plain Language Communication in Healthcare Part 1 Webinar

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Medical device manufacturers and pharma/biotech companies have a regulatory and legal obligation to convert key scientific content into plain language for lay audience consumption around the world. From producing clinical trial lay summaries for the general public to the action-focused informational content generation aimed at the Health Care Provider (HCP) audience, the need to produce a multitude of plain language written deliverables has strained many already-stretched internal teams. How can your organization meet these challenges? 

Healthcare companies continually strive to communicate important information about their drugs and devices to diverse audiences comprised of patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals (HCPs), and the general public. The use of plain language written communication can help ensure key health information and clinical research findings are understandable and accessible to all.  ​

Content is the user experience.  Make your words count.

Key Takeaways

  • Key aspects that define plain language writing​
  • Plain language content writing for multiple audiences​
  • What is readability and suitability?​
  • The regulatory and legal requirements of plain language content​
  • Project planning for publication of Plain Language Summaries

Who are the Panelists?

Laurie W. Mitchell, President, Criterion Edge

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