[FREE WEBINAR] It’s All Interconnected: Hidden Traps That Can Derail Your PER: Lessons Learned from the MDR-Compliant CER Writing Experience

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With the implementation of IVDR requirements, IVD manufacturers have been challenged to align their internal processes and systems to comply with these rigorous regulations. In this practical presentation, Criterion Edge uncovers what we have learned from our experience in writing MDR-compliant CERs, and how urgently applicable some of these key learnings are in preparing a robust Performance Evaluation Report (PER).  

This presentation provides practical tips on how to assess for hidden traps and unexpected roadblocks that could impact the success of writing an IVDR-compliant PER. By performing a gap analysis and assessing the readiness and availability of critical resources, documents and expertise, you will be able to avoid project delays and discover efficiencies that will enable the on-time completion of a successful, IVDR-compliant PER. 

Who are the Panelists?

Dr. Sarah Chavez, Director of IVD and Scientific Writing Services. 

Laurie Mitchell, President of Criterion Edge.

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