[FREE WEBINAR] Systematic Literature Review: How to Empower Data-Driven Decision Making

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Companies face constant pressure to conduct comprehensive data-gathering activities in response to increasing regulatory expectations and demands for information. Data identification through Systematic Literature Review (SLR) supports critical functions throughout the company, from MDR requirements through IND submissions.

This session will review currently accepted SLR best practices and provide practical guidance for designing and conducting a rigorous literature review, from search strategies through screening and data extraction. Case studies will provide real-world examples of how data identified through the SLR process helped inform the decision-making process.

Our President Laurie Mitchell joins Jennifer Tetzlaff, Research Product Specialist with Evidence Partners, to talk to you about the following points:

  • Examples of how the use of published data can support regulatory expectations
  • When to conduct a systematic literature review
  • Best practices for conducting a methodologically-sound SLR
  • Use of available tools and technology

This webinar is co-hosted by Criterion Edge and Evidence Partners.

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