[FREE WEBINAR] Integration of Plain Language Content and Infographics into HCP Communication Channels: Strategies to Enhance HCP Engagement


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Healthcare companies continually strive to communicate important information about their drugs and devices to diverse audiences comprised of patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals (HCPs), and the general public. The use of plain language written communication can help ensure key health information and clinical research findings are understandable and accessible to all.  

But you might wonder “Isn’t plain language intended only for patient and caregiver consumption?  HCPs want factual, scientifically rigorous content, not the simplified messaging of plain language writing.”  The answer is…. not always.  The deliberate and targeted incorporation of plain language content into selected HCP communication channels can be an effective tool in your omnichannel communication plan.   

Join us as we present information you can use to develop effective HCP-focused plain language content such as: 

  • Key elements of plain language content – what it is and what it isn’t
  • How incorporation of plain language content into HCP-focused assets can create added value in HCP – patient interactions
  • Common content formats that can be enhanced by the use of plain language content
  • The elements of the Visual SRD and why HCPs prefer this format
  • How innovative use of plain language and infographics in HCP communications can support Medical Affairs as part of its omnichannel communication framework. 

Who are the Panelists?

Laurie Mitchell, President of Criterion Edge.

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