Benefits of Outsourced Medical Writing

As business increases, medical device and pharmaceutical companies are finding success turning to outside vendors to meet their technical and regulatory writing needs. In doing so, these organizations gain real and specific benefits that, because of a streamlined approach, can lead to a bigger bottom line. Below are a few examples of the advantages that your company can gain by outsourcing your writing needs.


Save Money

Of course money is top of mind when it comes to benefits. No matter how great other benefits might be, if it doesn’t make sense fiscally, why do it? Organizations can save money several ways when outsourcing. The first is by reducing or outright eliminating in-house staff and turning to a team of experienced writers from the outside, an organization saves on costs associated with in-house employees. This includes, standard salaries, paid time off, and insurance costs.

The next way that outsourced writing can save money is through bundling services. Like in any line of work, technical writers can offer a package of services for less money. Once again, by saving money in this area, your company will be able to allocate more funds where needed.

A focus on writingFocus on Writing

It can often times be difficult for organizations, especially smaller ones, to divert their attention away from research and development to focus on other aspects of the company. Again, this comes down to how resources within a company’s structure are allocated. By outsourcing writing duties to a team of experts, a company knows that all aspects of the technical writing process will be covered.

The medical device and pharmaceutical landscape is constantly evolving. By employing a team of experts to handle the writing needs, you can have the piece of mind, knowing that all rules and regulations will be followed with precision.


As stated above, often times keeping a staff of in-house writers can, at times, be a bit of an albatross for a company. Utilizing outsourced writing professionals can free up an organization, as you only employee their services when needed.

As most companies can attest, their writing needs fluctuate throughout the year, depending on where their products stand in the pipeline. By employing outside vendors based on need, an organization frees itself up to use the extra capital as they see fit.

In the end, because of the variables involved, every company’s technical writing needs will be different. However, regardless of the variables, organizations should always be looking for ways to employ the best individuals for their needs, find ways to become more flexible through resource allocation, and finally, save money. Outsourcing writing duties to a team of experts can help accomplish all of this.

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