May 26, 2022

Medtech Insight’s Guidance Tracker  

Author: Criterion Edge Writers

Staying current with national and international regulatory updates is a constant challenge for those in the medical device industry. Medtech Insight, already known for their website that provides up-to-date information with current trends and market data, has launched a new tool, the Global Medtech Guidance Tracker. This useful addition “comprehensively tracks regulatory guidance documents issued by medtech authorities from around the globe,” providing one location to read and search worldwide regulatory updates. 

The tracker is continuously updated, with new documents added every month. It organizes salient data by country, organization, and status (draft or final). Links in the tracker provide access to data, documents, and changes happening in real time. The tracker allows you to search data and original documents from 22 national and international regulatory organizations, including the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), European Commission (EC), and China FDA (CFDA).  

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