[FEATURED] European Commission Gives In On IVDR Delays: Proposal For New Transition Periods

The pressing circumstances created by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the commission not only accepting compliance delays for some IVDs, but also longer transitional provisions than expected.

The European Commission has proposed a “progressive” roll-out of the new IVDR to prevent disruption in the supply of IVDs.

While the IVDR will fully apply on 26 May 2022, as expected, there will be a tiered system allowing many products a grace period before they have to be fully compliant with the regulation.

Under certain circumstances, as cited below, Class D higher risk IVDs, such as HIV or hepatitis tests, would have a transition period of three years, until May 2025, while class C IVDs, such as certain influenza tests, would not have to be compliant until May 2026, according to a proposal issued on 14 October. Lower risk IVDs, meanwhile, such as class B and A sterile devices, would not have to be fully compliant until five years later than the current deadline of May 2027.

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