[FEATURED] EU Is Heading For Partial IVD Market Collapse, Recent Analysis And Figures Suggest

With just six notified bodies designated under the IVD Regulation, and amidst repeated warnings of insufficient auditing capacity, the EU could lose between three-quarters and over a half of its IVDs, a recent survey warns.

In a best-case scenario 61% of today’s IVDs will be certified by the 26 May 2022 IVD Regulation deadline, and in a worst-case scenario only 24% will be, a survey recently conducted by EU medtech industry association MedTech Europe found.

The conditions for this crisis situation have mainly arisen because, while just 8% of IVDs need a notified body certificate under the currently applicable IVD Directive, 78% will need notified body involvement under the IVDR. That is according to the organization’s latest estimates.

The biggest loss, it predicts, is likely to come from SMEs who make niche products in smaller volumes and who may be less able to endure loss of business, MedTech Europe says.

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